Check your baby's vital signals wherever you go. The embrave wearable is the better baby monitor.


Embrave is the next generation babymonitor: With heartrate, temperature and movement, we detect your baby’s vital data and can tell you anytime how your little one is feeling at that moment. Just peek at your smartphone.

Vital signs are the real indicators of well being, detected directly at the baby with low radiation technology.

One peek at our App gives you all the information you need: Everything is all right!

It is your time now: With peace of mind, take your time to relax, meet people or work, knowing, that there’s embrave watching over the most important person of your life so you won’t miss a beat.

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Nepomuk Vocke

With a project management and real estate investment background, an engineering and business (MBA) education, Nepomuk takes care of all things business at embrave and keeps an eye on the big picture.

Dr. med. Lucia Vocke

With extensive experience as a pediatrician and a specialization as a pediatric cardiologist, Lucia provides the link between technology and human patients. A mother herself, she has full insight into the customer base and the needs of babies and their parents alike.


Luitpold is the never resting in-house test baby that puts the team’s creativity for product features to the test in a real world setting.

Patrick Mörwald

Patrick holds bachelors degrees in chemistry and computer science from LMU Munich. He coordinates technical product development, embedded software development and the creation of a user centered and reliable product ecosystem in general.

Philipp Kramer

As IT specialist in systems integration and about to graduate as BSc. in computer science, Philipp handles Web and Mobile App development.

Lorenz von Seidlein

The domain of graphic and product design is done by Lorenz. Form and design have become an important part of his life because of his family background, a completed professional training as carpenter and his current academic design studies.